Perfect Lawn Solutions With The Best grass Suppliers Sydney Has To Offer!

Having a lush green lawn is something that we would all love to have on our property. Be it the front yard, backyard, rooftop, or any other outdoor space, having a lawn laid can certainly add aesthetic value to the property. Furthermore, it also provides a place where we can spend quality leisure time with friends, family, and even alone at times.

However, laying a lawn can be a time consuming and strenuous job, it is no easy task to lay it. Here in Sydney itself, plenty of natural grass varieties are available, each having unique characteristics of its own. There is well-known Kikuyu grass, robust Shademaster Buffalo, Wintergreen, Greenleas, and several others natural turfs available. When it comes to choosing, how would you decide, which one is best for your property?

That’s why greener lawns well know for being some of the best grass suppliers Sydney offers can provide you with any turf you may request for your home.

Sydney climate ranges from tropical to freezing cold with frosts, making it quite difficult for natural grass to survive all year round. Some grass varieties do survive in such climates, but they demand utmost care and maintenance as well as plenty of watering and fertilizing.

Fortunately, out of all the natural grass varieties, one grass variety is available that can easily survive the Sydney climate, without much care and maintenance. That grass variety is Sir Walter Buffalo. It can thrive even in the driest condition with minimal watering and fertilizing needs. The primary reason why it can do well in Sydney climate is because of its breeding.\

During the year 1995-96, Brent Redman (an Australian) brought Sir Walter Buffalo turf into existence as a substitute to Shademaster Buffalo and Kikuyu grass. Brent Redman bred Sir Walter grass in the Australian climate and ensured that it to be environmentally friendly grass that can withstand the climate and still stay soft, green, and healthy all year round.

Sir Walter has slow growth rate and can easily bloom in direct sunlight as well as in shade. Since it has slow growth rate, homeowners need not need to worry about mowing it too often.

Furthermore, it has natural characteristics to fight against fungi and other grass diseases, making it requiring less fertilizing. It also demands less watering, making it an ideal choice for homeowners, craving for a lush green lawn on their property. As far as the texture of the grass is concerned, Sir Walter has the most amazing pattern that could please anyone’s eyes.

One final aspect to note about Sir Walter Buffalo turf is its capability to stay green all-round the year. Whether it is winter, summer, or monsoon, this variety of grass can stay soft, green, and healthy, making it a perfect lawn solution for Australian homeowners.

Greener Lawn has been in the business for many years and is often a popular choice of grass suppliers. Sydney provides a growing number of turf farms usually located in the Hawkesbury area. Greener lawns are a turf farm and lawn farm and one of the most popular in Australia having been the winners of Hawkesbury business awards 2012 in outstanding agricultural business. Offering Sir Walter buffalo turf and also other varieties such as Nullarbor Couch and Eureka Kikuyu and not leaving behind Platinum Zoysia they are perfect for your home or garden. Check out our website for more information on how to purchase amazing turf.

Laying Turf

Usually attempt to remove from wherever you want to place the lawn and permit 100mm of level for dirt underneath the lawn all weeds and stones. This leads to an extremely robust development basis for that lawn to cement its origins. Soil employed for underneath the grass’ kind ought to be an effective grass soil. […]